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Entry #1


2010-02-27 17:44:08 by sketFX

Hey sketFX has created a nice little home here on NewGrounds and were here to stay.

Best part of the activity performed here will be down to me "Rythmetic" the leader like figure of sketFX i work mainly on Customizing Banners, Icons, Game Characters and lastly Coding the Games and Tutorials.

If you go to our website:

Theres plenty of info on there about us, our team and at the minute theres even a couple Animations, a Tutorial and a (BETA) stage arcade game pack available there, feel free to sign up and stuff you get more rep from sketFX that way plus were always looking for new people to show us what theyve got and see if they can be a vital member of the team.

Anyway i dont like to go on to much but feel free to stop by and check us, any ideas just email here on Newgrounds or message me Via Website.



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