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As good and usefull i found the Tutorial i noticed that the actualy lauout and coding for it was pretty poor there where no back buttons, "Character Movement" wasnt clickable we had to access it through the tab above it and ontop the layout of everythink couldve been much more basic and easy to flick through.

Good Stuff

Nice little concept of a game, shame you didnt spend longer fixing things however i did like some of the reas and love the character design origional but quite cool.

Good stuff

I Genuinly think just thinking up the idea of this game would get 10 stars now actualy going through with it would get you far more however im only aloud to give you 10 so sorry :(

However awsome game, very different. good work

Good stuff

A very good idea for a game and quite an odd little way to go about things however i think this game is realy well done and deserves a high score for not having any glitches that i could see of :)

Well done.

Good Stuff

I like it however its abit plain.

As far as the story goes i genuinly love it, its different and amazing all in its own way however i found maybe using a Defence genre wasnt a good idea :/

Anyway good work on the game itself you get an 8 for having an amazing story and graphics.

:):) Good Stuff

Overall good game :) took me a while to load it all up but well worth the wait :) Good work.

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Im not sure if i liked it that much.

It was a "Ill play cus i played little wheel" more than a "Oooo whats this game"

I didnt realy enjoy it but in all honesty this mustve taken some time and mustve been realy frustrating to make so my score is quite high as i understand how much effort went into the little things such as red elephants in the background and little things that dont need to be there but they are and it makes the game more visualy appealing :P

Anyway good work on the design.

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Good Stuff

I only played a little however i found that this game mustve taken some time to create, its realy fluent, simple and good graphix also id be pretty dissapointed if i was that guy from the begining however you didnt disapoint with this game ;)

Well Done

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