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New Project

2010-03-14 10:58:44 by sketFX

Ok so i gave it some thought and im currently working on a new Stickman Project.

Im basing my current ideas around what not many people have ever done with stickmen and that Free Running (Google it if you dont understand what it means) and well yeah basicaly im going to make a quick 30 seconds to 2 minute long animation of the main Free Running stickman i plan to create a story for running through different terrain with quick bursts of light to change the enviroment however have him in the same motion e.g jumps of roof (Light) and then he lands on a the rim of a Volcano.

So yeah this will give me enough time to chill out while fix it all up and will also give me time to get reviews for my latest animation anyway cya ;)


2010-03-11 05:56:20 by sketFX

New flash animation about "The Running Man" will be out either the end of today or tommorow its my 2 days a week where i get to spend it alone and just hammer everything i need to do through out the day :)

So yeah keep a look out :)

In Production

2010-03-06 10:16:54 by sketFX

So ive had a nice idea in Production for a while now and have been thinking hard on how to make it and where to get my imagination for design from so i thought id go for a side scroller spaceship type thingy game, however use completly different things instead of your everyday spaceship, helicopter or even dragon im mainly testing to see if i can do it atm so gimme time and any ideas would be appreciated :)


2010-02-28 16:20:06 by sketFX

Hey i recently updated myself to CS4 Flash so like its going to be a little while before i send out a Game or a Tutorial or even an Animation for that matter because im learning my layout for it its very different to Flash 8 and things work alot more strangly so yeah second im back on track with it expect more stuff from sketFX being atm the only person to work in Flash (This is Rythmetic by the way) things become slower as everyone else is focused on the website,

Im going to upload some images soon of cursors that you can go to our website for, sign up and download to use yourself, they will all be custom made by me and if you havnt got the time to make some yourself and want certain ones making just ask and ill upload em for you.

So yeah dont be harsh on sketFX for now we only got one guy working on stuff and i do have a Girlfreind and a Life to care for as well :)

Anyway Thanks for reading and cya soon :)


2010-02-27 17:44:08 by sketFX

Hey sketFX has created a nice little home here on NewGrounds and were here to stay.

Best part of the activity performed here will be down to me "Rythmetic" the leader like figure of sketFX i work mainly on Customizing Banners, Icons, Game Characters and lastly Coding the Games and Tutorials.

If you go to our website:

Theres plenty of info on there about us, our team and at the minute theres even a couple Animations, a Tutorial and a (BETA) stage arcade game pack available there, feel free to sign up and stuff you get more rep from sketFX that way plus were always looking for new people to show us what theyve got and see if they can be a vital member of the team.

Anyway i dont like to go on to much but feel free to stop by and check us, any ideas just email here on Newgrounds or message me Via Website.