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Im rather shocked a little because im actualy doing stickman freerunning exactly how youve just done it but im not that botherd because the way youve just dont it makes it all look beautifull well done sir :)


Its the first animation in my 2 weeks here that has literally made me piss myself laughing, hands down the best Animation for comedy ever!

Welldone btw the blooper at the end was quite fitting also.

Good Stuff

Well done i was actualy realy impressed.

From the loading screen i was like hmm maybe this has potential then the menu screen was kinda like :/ ow god please dont be another 7 year old thinking hes amazing at flash and the i knew it wouldnt be that bad from the opening credits then to top it all off the animation was realy fluent and well created and you left it on a cliff hanger which has really left me like...FFS! WHY?!

Im going to ask if you could email when pt.2 is out so yeah i dont overlook it one day and then never see it :(

Thanks and well done.

RawGreen responds:

I hope I don't over look you and forget your request, but I don't think I will. Hmm, I just realized this moment looking at the menu about the "about" button ._.
I see what you mean. But thanks to your review and comment I can get a good fresh start on the next half, knowing that at least someone is looking forward to it ;)

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As good and usefull i found the Tutorial i noticed that the actualy lauout and coding for it was pretty poor there where no back buttons, "Character Movement" wasnt clickable we had to access it through the tab above it and ontop the layout of everythink couldve been much more basic and easy to flick through.

Good Stuff

Nice little concept of a game, shame you didnt spend longer fixing things however i did like some of the reas and love the character design origional but quite cool.

Good stuff

I Genuinly think just thinking up the idea of this game would get 10 stars now actualy going through with it would get you far more however im only aloud to give you 10 so sorry :(

However awsome game, very different. good work

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Good Stuff

Im liking the nice cartoon effect you got going on here im going to email you in a sec because im working on a nice little Platformer that could use some cartoon effects similar to this but not as bright its a it more darker like this in night time minus the rainbow, smiley face and clouds apart from that expect some contact from sketFX.

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